Blowing the Dust From This Blog

Helena Selfie

It’s been a while since I’ve visited My own blog. What can I share with you?

Well, tonight I’m enjoying the feeling of a Fall season. And while it may not sound remarkable, a palpable change in season is something that those of us in Los Angeles rarely get to experience. Last week we burned in the 90s and low hundreds but now there’s a fire in My fireplace and a cup of decaf Chai Tea in My hand. I wish you could see the reflection of golden light in the black of My toenail polish. It’s truly hypnotic.

And that reminds me that you should know that I’ve been offering erotic hypnosis in phone sessions over Niteflirt. I’ve been doing it for years in My personal life and finally brought it into My play-for-pay. Men and women love falling under My spell and being totally out of control and I think that you might too.

But I don’t want this to be only a commercial for the Domination services I offer. I want you to experience the opportunity to know Me. I did a quick Google search and found many ‘get to know you’ question lists and so I am going to choose a few to answer for you here.

1. What is your favorite time of year?

Summer! I love to swim, fall asleep in an air conditioned bedroom, and feel the sun on My face.

2. What were some of your favorite things to do growing up?

Reading and when I got a little older, going to shows. Punk, ska, brit bands with a gothic edge all had Me running off with boys in cars. My musical tastes were all over the map as was high school attendance record.

3. What are you reading now?

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward

4. Were you more of a rebel, jock, or nerd in high school?

I was definitely a rebel. I could have stood not to have been quite so rebellious. My natural dominance and endurance ensured all the coaches had their eye on Me.  I wish I would have gone out for track or joined the basketball team like those coaches wanted Me too. I would have traded My black vintage velvet wardrobe for a pair of basketball shorts in second had I known all the lesbians were hiding out in the gym.


5. Were you ever a teacher’s pet?

I never tried to earn the affection of a teacher or professor but My in class participation and perspective has endeared Me to many of the people who were a part of My education.

6. What is the most trouble that you got into at school?

In high school I was suspended an average  of two  Mondays per month because I failed to pick up garbage which was the punishment for tardiness.

7. What is the longest amount of time that you spent in another country?

I like to spend about a month in foreign countries. I’ve spent a month in Thailand, a month in Italy, and about four months in Mexico.

8. Do you like to dance?

I love to dance to electronic music.

9. Do you like to cook?

I love to cook healthy vegetarian versions of American, Mexican and Italian foods. I’m not vegan any longer but I was for such a long time that I still eat that way most of the time.

10. Do you have a favorite author?

This month I’m on a Jesmyn Ward bender. Everything she writes is poetic and beautiful plus she’s just an amazing storyteller.

So that’s all from Me tonight. I hope your evening is as beautiful as mine.


Don’t Call Me (On My Google Voice Number, or “Baby” For That Matter. Dommes HATE THAT)

Did you know that I love house music? Actually I love all kinds of music. I came of age at all ages punk shows at the Gillman in Berkley, then sneaking into fetish clubs with My big sisters ID, and finally dancing up against  speakers at underground  warehouse parties.

That was your Goddess Helena trivia of the day. This post is really about the fact that I just don’t want random fools calling Me on the phone to jerk their dicks off while they talk about booking a session with Me. you might find My old 323 or 213 number floating around the internet from ads online slaves placed for Me but but should you decide to try them you will find those numbers disabled.

Presently, should you wish to contact Me about a session the only way to do it is through email and then by calling Me via

1-800-TO-FLIRT 1-800-863-5478 ext: 03685486

Am I a greedy bitch? Yes, I am. Am I doing this because I am a greedy bitch? Partially yes, but the real reason is this:


I take calls on Niteflirt and decide who among those callers is worthy of a real time session. I session at The Den of Iniquity and PRIMARILY at Irongate Studios in Reseda.

My session rate is now $300 for the hour. I take a deposit for the first few sessions until W/we grow to trust one another.

I LOVE to session but I also prioritise  to maintaining My Dominant energy for My submissive lovers (yeah, I have those, no, you will never be counted among them, don’t even try, not even if you’re hung, not even if you’re a model, well, maybe if you’re a hung model) and the very very lucky submissives, slaves, and fetishists that I choose to session with.

So, either email Me via My website or contact Me via Honestly, I’d prefer you contact Me over as I get money for this. Lots of money, and Goddess is rather greedy.

Interview With A Femme Domme On

Dominatrix Goddess Helena Female Supremacist

Dominatrix Goddess Helena Female Supremacist

I recently completed an interview over at Fem Domme Society after visiting  their lavish and expansive facility out in Phoenix. I think they are trying for something similar to the OWK only the location is not nearly as grand! The training is certainly brutal and intense… I hope to be invited by Maitresse Rene to help train the slaves at the next FemDomme Retreat! After completing My interview I will move up and become a Baroness of The Femme Dom Society. Exciting!

If you enjoy reading My interview and would like to learn how to become a better slave or submissive consider clicking the banner below and joining Me on Fem Domme Society by clicking the link below.

How do You wish to be addressed?

My preferred title is “Ma’am.”
What celebrity are You often told You resemble? 
Jane Russell
What do You consider to be Your greatest feature?
My amazing bone structure, waist to hip ratio and impressive derrière.
What would We be surprised to learn that You have never done? 
I’ve never had a Mistress or a Master.
What is the best advice You have ever received?
Start saying “yes.” Stop saying “No.” when people want to give you gifts, help, advice and honor.
What are you “totally addicted” to?
Healthy vegan food, the library and My hitatchi magic wand.
What do You not ever leave home without?
How long have You been in the lifestyle? 
Ten years.
Would You consider Yourself to have had a regular childhood? 
What is your favorite beverage? (can be hot/cold, alcoholic/non-alcoholic,etc). 
Grapefruit Perrier.
Do you celebrate Christmas or a similar holiday at this time of year, and if so, what do you enjoy most about it? 
The time with people that I care about and treasure. Ritual. Reflection.
What’s the sexiest thing a submissive has ever or could ever say to you?
“you are the Queen of my bones.”
Tell Us about Your first Femdom experience, including a detailed description of how You felt.
My first femdom experience was dressing up My junior high school boyfriend in womens’ clothes, doing his makeup and curling his long hair and marching him up and down a busy street in our small town so cars would slow down and try to approach him and think he was a prostitute. Usually when they saw he was a boy in a dress & that W/we were just kids they spend away embarrassed. I’m lucky I lived in such a Catholic town! It made Me so excited that he would do something that entertained Me so much & that caused him so much discomfort and embarrassment. It made Me feel powerful and special. 
What is the last book You read?
I’m currently reading “Exercises for Rebel Artists: Radical Performance Pedagogy”
What is Your favorite movie? 
I love short films. My current favorite is “Mouse’s Birthday” by Barry Morse. It was on the film festival circuit for a couple years and is now available to view online. I love the juxtaposition of sweetness, childhood imagery and the very dark themes of murder, impossible sexual desire and just the general unfairness of the story.
Do You consider Yourself a Pro Domme, Lifestyle Domme, or a combination of both?
I am both a pro and a lifestyle. Even if I ever stopped being a pro I would continue to be lifestyle forever.
If You were to choose one word to describe the feeling You experience when Dominating a submissive, which word would You choose?
What is Your general view of men?
They’re often ignorant and more often than not undeserving of the power and privilege that is handed to them in their day to day lives. They need to be stripped of their dignity and subjugated!
Does Dominating another bring You sexual pleasure? Tell Us about how so and why do You feel this way
Yes. Domination satisfies a deep emotional need I have to control and be worshipped as well as My sexual needs and desires to hurt, humiliate and run the scene or fuck.
Which lifestyle books and magazines would You recommend to others?
“The Better Bottoming Book” by Dossie Easton
What is Your line of work? 
How does Your work affect Your Femdom lifestyle? 
I play less when I work more.
How do Your Female Supremacy views affect Your attitude within Your work environment?
Ha. My work environment is a dungeon. Yes, men are stripped as quickly and efficiently of their clothing as they are their dignity when they step into My domain!
Does Your family know of Your lifestyle?
Yes. If Y/you’re out to everyone than no one can lord it over Y/you. Y/you take that power away by outing Y/yourself on Y/your own terms.
Do You have friends in the lifestyle? 
Yes, most of them.
Do You have vanilla friends who know of Your lifestyle? 
Yup. All My vanilla friends know. They find it endlessly entertaining.
If Your favorite vanilla Girlfriend were to ask You why She should try dominating Her man, what reasons would You give Her? 
The thrill of power exchange.
Have You ever been to a lifestyle party? 
I go frequently.
Have You ever played in public?
All the time although I prefer the intimacy of private play in a private dungeon.
What is the single most important mistake a submissive man makes when first approaching a Dominant Woman?
Throwing himself down at the feet of every woman. Offering himself to everyone indiscriminately. How would that make a Domina feel special?
What do You look for when reading an e-mail message from a submissive? 
Sincerity. Politeness.
Do You currently have a slave or submissive?
Are You seeking other slaves or submissives?
Do You consider Yourself straight or bi-sexual?
Do You prefer Your slaves or submissives to be straight or bi-sexual? 
No preference.
Which rules do You require a slave or submissive to live by? For instance, rules regarding use of furniture, walking behind You, calling in, chastity, and so forth.
Too much protocol to list. It doesn’t all come at once W/we slowly incorporate it throughout training. I’ve had the slave in the next room has come to serve Me three times and is under My consideration. So far he has been trained  never to turn his back to Me, how to kneel properly, to address Me as “Ma’am” at the end of each sentence, to strip nude and fold his clothes up neatly as soon as he enters My abode, to keep his eyes cast down low, never to gaze upon Me or other Dominas without O/our permission, where and where to wait for orders and how to present his collar to Me. This is after nine hours of him cleaning and about twenty minutes of training.
What is Your favorite lifestyle activity?
Do You feminize Your servants? 
Often. It is a great tool of humiliation, it titillating to Me and serves as a great way for male subs to address their deeply engrained gender essentialist/hetronormative beliefs that femininity is inferior to masculinity. If a man does not think that femininity is inferior to masculinity, why should be be humiliated by being made to wear women’s clothing?
Does Your domination apply to all levels of Your relationship? For instance, do You or would You control Y/your finances? 
In a partnership with a submissive I prefer to leave the mundane tasks to a submissive and for each of U/us to be responsible for what he or S/she excels at. For example I love to do the cooking, grocery shopping and domestic slave management but prefer a submissive to do the baking and house work.
Do You cuckold Your slaves or submissives with other lovers?
Ha. Yes because I don’t fuck slaves!
Do You live a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle? 
If You are in a 24/7 FemDom relationship, would You describe Your relationship as stronger than a vanilla relationship?
Yes, because W/we have greater communication and O/our relationship is not based on sex at all (there is none) but power exchange.
When a disagreement occurs between You and your slave or submissive, how is it resolved? Is Your word the final word?
I listen to what My slave has to say behind closed doors. I am more likely to dismiss a slave than a slave is to decide to “quit” serving Me so often My word is the last word.
Do You set benchmarks for a male to prove his devotion to You?
Do You judge a slave or submissive’s willingness to embarrass himself as proof of his desire to serve You?
What advice would You offer a Woman whose male partner has just asked to dominate him and She knows nothing of the lifestyle?
To read some books, watch some films and see if any of these things excite Her. If they do not then to think about how Her partner might be able to fulfill his desires in a CONSENSUAL, safe and fair way that honors his wife.
How do You discipline Your servant(s)?
Yes, just today the slave under My consideration was late… Last time he received lashes from the cane. This time I denied him his collar.. A much more effective punishment.
Do You use chastity on Your servant(s)?
I am chastity curious.
 Do You use strap-ons on Your servant(s)?
Only My personal lifestyle lovers. Not on any old man servant!
Growth, learning and lots and lots of school. 
Share with Us Your fears when You first became involved in the lifestyle.
That I would look stupid. That I would act a fool. I did and I was and I learned from My mistakes.
Do You have any words of encouragement for new Dommes?
Read, read, read! Don’t be afraid to tell everyone how brand spanking new You are. Don’t lie about your experience. Your freshness is beautiful and You will likely find another Domina who adores You and wishes to be your friend and Mentor. Do not be afraid to ask but know that this is a huge responsibility and commitment and that You must also be willing to do lots to serve Her and make Her commitment to You worth Her time. Fine joy in service. Service is not just for submissives. Oh, and bossy and bitchy does not make a Domme. All the good Dommes are the most polite, unscrupulously honest and ethical people around. 

Learn more about Me by joining Me on

My Dearest Domina Cordelia Now At The Gates In The Bay Area + FemDom Couple Duo Sessions in August 4th

Domina Cordelia at The Gates In The Bay Area & Los Angeles in August

Domina Cordelia at The Gates In The Bay Area & Los Angeles in August just ran an update on the apple of My eye, Domina Cordelia who will be here in Los Angeles to visit Me on August 4th. If you’ve ever dreamed about serving a real FemDom couple, this will be your chance. Domina Cordelia loves domestic discipline and fantasy incest scenes as much as I do. We also love bondage, corporal, objectification/objecthood, forced wetting, age play and heavy humiliation scenes. FemDom couple photos to come!

Domina Cordelia at The Gates & Los Angeles

Domina Cordelia at The Gates & Los Angeles

To inquire about serving Us both and to secure your session with a deposit email Me at

Link to the original hogspy article:

Double Domme Sessions With Divine Lady of The OWK Mistress Sable

Mistress Sable, A Divine Lady of The OWK, has spent the past 23 years cultivating experience and knowledge of BDSM arts

Mistress Sable, A Divine Lady of The OWK, has spent the past 23 years cultivating experience and knowledge of BDSM arts

I first met Mistress Sable through a mutual friend a number of years ago. We’d seen one another in passing but it wasn’t until last year that We really began to become friends. Sable’s been lifestyle for twenty-three years and I feel so lucky to know and learn from Her.  When she told Me that she had 23 years in the scene I tried My best not to seem surprised: I had thought that She couldn’t be more than a couple years older than Myself! By My calculations She entered the scene What I know for sure is that Mistress Sable is highly skilled sadist and fetishist, funny, passionate and one of the most skilled BDSM players I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I have been very fortunate to have two very experienced Mistress’s come into My life right around the same time.

To book a session, fill out Mistress Sable’s application here so that We might know exactly how to handle you. When your form is complete you may call Me to inquire about the possibility of setting up a session Us.

Great Review Of “A Night At Kinky General” Starring Kelly Shibari,’s Oliver Hyde & Myself

Goddess Helena Dominatrix Medical Fetish

Goddess Helena Dominatrix Medical Fetish

So I recently wrote about the fact that two of the films I shot with Kelly Shibari were nominated for Feminist Porn Awards. Here is another great review of My performance in “A Night At Kinky General” Wright Williams of calls My performance “more experimental art than porn. Williams also calls My dialogue “John Waters-esque pornologue.” As a woman who fetishizes her own rhetorical power and wit I really couldn’t be more flattered!

Read the entire review here.!/realoliverhyde